Do you spend real money on Slotomania? If yes, you are missing out

 Slotomania is one of the best free slot machine games around. You can play it on your mobile device or on computers if you can. Slotomania is your basic slot machine but has a lot of variety to it. There are a lot of different slot machines that you can play on the game. These slot machines have different themes and prize pools to them. Unlike real slot machines, you don’t have to pay for it with real money. Just remember that you won’t be able to cash out with real money as well with all the winnings that you can get. The beauty about Slotomania is that you can pay with real money to play the game. Keep in mind that this is optional as you can play the game for free and again you can’t get any cash in return for all the money that you used to pay for the game.

Paying is good for the developers

You maybe wondering what do you get when you pay for Slotomania. You can use that real money to buy in some in game coins. While these are just examples and not the actual denominations, you can pay for something like $5 to get 100,000 coins in game. That doesn’t sound like a bad deal plus you get other benefits when you pay with real money. You can also pay for boosts that you can use in game. These boosts can vary to something like an experience or coin multiplier when you get to play the game for a limited time being. These are some nice things that you get when you pay for the game. Plus if you are an avid player then you may run out of in game coins so buying or paying them with real money is ideal. Just remember though that even if you don’t pay for the game, you can still enjoy the game as you don’t need money to unlock content and more slot machines.

But it is ok to get Slotomania free coins

You just need the right levels to unlock them and coins to play. Speaking of coins, when you are on a winning spree then you can pretty much just let it grow until you can’t play anymore. Plus Slotomania isn’t cheap when it comes to the coins. They give out hourly or timely rewards when you are logged in. Just turn on the notifications to remind you that you have free coins to collect. Plus the exchange rate for real money to in game coins is definitely a steal. You really get your money’s worth when you pay for the game. Then again you don’t have to so just keep that in mind. One final thing is that you shouldn’t spend too much on the game to a point where you are eating through your budget. It is just a game so spend your money wisely when you’re playing Slotomania as it is for fun and not to make you go bankrupt. BUt you are always get free Slotomania coins though, so don’t miss out.