Want More Pokemons for Pokemon Duel? Try these

Pokemon Duel was just launched yesterday and it was a hugeee hit, currently top app store chart, the hype will probably remain for the next few weeks. We spend the past 24 hours playing on this game and found some nice interesting tips  that will help you get more Pokemons in this game. We found a few Pokemon Duel hack and cheats here that you might be interested, now lets start with how to get more Pokemons for Pokemon Duel.

There are actually quite a few ways to earn Pokemon fast, but most of them require you to spend real money, in this guide, all methods requires absolutely 0 bucks. Free is life yo. Here we go.

The Quest: 

It is actually pretty easy to beat the game to earn free boxes, you are rewarded with 2 free boxes everytime, sounds good isn’t it? You can repeat the battle as many times as you want, so no point of letting it slides to be honest. Just repeat the battles as many times as you want, moreover, you are playing against AI, which is actually pretty easy to beat, so don’t forget to take advantages of this part.

Play Boosters is also a good way to earn new Pokemon fast: 

This part is extremely important to be honest, and probably the best way to earn new Pokemon too. You are rewarded with more than 1 Pokemon in Play Booster. To get Play Booster, you need 10 points, by winning, you get 3 points and 1 point for losing.

A nice trick that i found is that you can lose 4 battles straight to get 4 points, you can’t lose anymore because that is the maximum amount of points you can get from losing. After start you can start playing real, now it is a lot easier to win since you are now up agaisnt with a lot easier players. This trick works best all you care about is getting new pokemon, can be extremely effective.

Don’t forget about the Boosters too:

You are rewarded with Booster box after you winning a match, they are easy to get and free too. You will get at least 1 Pokemon per box, so you can unlock at least 1 new pokemon each time.

Well you know, you can pay to proceed further in this game:

With all the tips and tricks, you an actually pay to get more pokemons, i understand most of you don’t wanna spend money on a game, but it is a great way to support the devs. Moreover, you can choose the pokemons you want to buy too, cheap and fun. Why not right?

Anyway, thanks for reading this post of mine, hopefully you can learn at least a little bit from this post and have a great day 🙂